Five young men land job contracts as entertainers in Japan and form a new hip-hop dance group called Dreamguyz. Guided by their gay manager DIDI (Jao Mapa), they spend the next few months before their trip bonding as friends who share a common dream of finding greener pastures in the Land of The Rising Sun. Michael (Mhyco Aquino), Benjo (Miggy Valdez), Alvin (Sherwin Ordonez), Jake (Jay L Dizon) and Rico (Marco Morales) are the Dreamguyz. The two members who share choreographic duties, Jake and Rico, quickly develop a secret romance. Problem is, Jake lives with his devoted girlfriend Jenny (Nina Jose), who supports him financially. On top of his romantic quandary, Jake is soon discovered to have a heart ailment, jeopardizing his chances of joining the groups trip to Japan.
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